The Lost Basketball

The Lost Basketball

Date added: 17/04/2019

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The Lost Basketball is an online game that you can play on for free.

Here is an escape game The Lost Basketball for you. Imagine that your are lost in a forest. You have to finish the task in the game to escape the forest. Find all the hidden clues firstly, then show your skills to solve the puzzles in the game.


Thank you for trying-out this game here escape players, now have fun! The Lost Basketball is an exciting point and click item retrieval wilderness escape game developed by basketball games for another dose of fun and a thrilling escape adventure.

One day, a boy was playing vigorously with his ball when suddenly, he kicked it so hard that the thing went deep into the nearby forest and is now gone! The boy was hysterical, but luckily though, Grew and his gang passed-by and saw this incident. Grew was one of the protectors of their small town and with his gang, no evil had gone-up ever since they took-charge of the place.

Grew and the gang tried to help the boy as they all looked for the ball in the forest, but little did they know however that this trouble had already turned into something bigger. Grew and his gang got lost and separated in the forest and right-now, they have two problems in their hands. Escape players, Grew here has to solve two problems, will he be able to finish all of these before night comes? Try the game then escape players, place yourself on the shoes of Grew here and see if your skills as well as your logic would be enough for the challenge.

Good luck and have fun! 

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