Football Hooligans Fight

Football Hooligans Fight

Date added: 07/03/2019

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Football Hooligans Fight is an online game that you can play on basketball games for free.

Hooligan Boxing is a game with a rather interesting title and we believe the title can speak a lot for the game itself, so the title is not far from the truth this time either, but that's why it's so interesting, so are you really accepting the challenge and feeling ready to take part in a game such as this, to take part in something that has anything to do with a hooligan boxing? Well, we believe you are brave enough to really accept this challenge and so hopefully, you'll be good in advancing this game little by little. So, your opponent is waiting to check your boxing quality, show him what you can! 

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Game controls:

The controls for playing this game are placed on the key Z, to do a left punch, X, to hit with an uppercut, C for the right punch and finally, to block the opponent's kicks, you will need to use the spacebar control from the keyboard.

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