Da Bomb Pong

Da Bomb Pong

Date added: 30/05/2019

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Da Bomb Pong is free Game which can be played online at https://www.basketballgames.games/.

Welcome to the TNT room, where you have a great pleasure to play a unique game of Ping Pong. Actually, it is Da Bomb Pong, because instead of a ping pong ball, you have a bomb ball. The control of the paddle is so simple, by moving your mouse to the left or right- to change direction and up or down- to curve the bomb.

There are three modes in which you can find yourself. The long mode is 25 seconds and you can play with your opponent till someone blows up or till the time is up. Wherever the bomb is, that side will blow up, so watch to win much earlier. If you`re a risky type, choose the fast mode of 10 seconds and feel the real excitement.

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Good luck!

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