Basketball Court Escape

Basketball Court Escape

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Only two people know that you're a girl. You have a secret crush on someone who's in the basketball team at your school. However this is not the reason that you pretended to be a guy. Your father works in the secret service and needs your assistance. One of the teammates of your crush is the next victim of the syndicate they're trying to track down. To make sure that he remains safe and that none of the other guys in the team is in cahoots with the syndicate, your father decided to let you in on the mission. He didn't suggest it of course. It was your instructors in your training who deemed you're already ready to take part in this mission. Your father wanted to disagree so much. However he is pressed in time. And you don't seem to mind as well.

So you're training with the team in the basketball court. You train hard as well. But exhaustion gets you after. You try to stay awake until your van arrives but your eyelids easily drop down. You wake up with a towel covering you in an empty gym. Play Basketball Court Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

Good luck and have fun! 

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