Angry Hooligans

Angry Hooligans

Date added: 18/02/2019

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Angry Hooligans - click to play online basketball games

And here is another game that must be basically described as a football game, but that's not all! This is not just another football game in which you need to set your tactics and play football game, this is something very different and once you start this game, you'll instantly know why or in which aspects this game differs from most of the other football games around!

We'll try to explain the gameplay as simple as possible, so let's say that you are on the football field and from direction of the opposite goal, groups of hooligans are approaching you and the only way to deal them and to defend yourself is to shoot after them by kicking multiple balls aiming at their heads. There are so many of them, so you need to be both fast and precise to be able to hit them all! Are you ready to face them? Surely yes, so let's see what you can. 

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